6 Tips for How to Use Rolling Machines

6 Tips for How to Use Rolling Machines

Aug 8th 2022

According to some research, 52% of Americans have tried marijuana at some point. If you're also interested in smoking marijuana, getting a joint rolling machine can be very beneficial.

However, if you've never used them before, these rolling machines can be very challenging to use. While perfecting the art of rolling comes with practice, there are some tips that can help you.

Keep reading and we'll make the process of using a joint rolling machine much easier.

1. Set Up the Roller

The first thing that you'll need to do is set up the roller. You'll need all of your materials, including the roller, some paper, and the product that you're putting into the joint.

You'll also want to have a small tray to work on because it could be messy, especially if you're using it for the first time.

You'll have to grind your marijuana before you can put it in the roller. The amount you use varies depending on how much you want to smoke, but most people can fit between .5 and 1.5 grams in the paper. You could try putting 2 grams in, but you might have to wrap it too tight, which can hinder smoking.

Grind up the weed into a powder and then put it into a container to hold it until you're ready to put it into the roller. Make sure that the hemp is ground as fine as possible, which will help make smoking the joint more consistent.

2. Load the Roller

Next, you'll need to load the roller by opening it and putting the filter inside of it. You'll want to slide the top over and then place the filter on the far side from the top.

Now you can take your ground marijuana and put it inside of the joint roller. there shouldn't be too much because you'll still need space for the air to flow through the joint so that it can light.

3. Insert the Tip

If your roller has a tip, you'll want to insert that next. This isn't always necessary, but if you want to smoke the joint without worrying about burning your fingers, it can be useful.

Pull the tip out of the booklet and then zig-zag half of it. You'll then want to roll whatever's left over. Take a small portion of the paper and fold it onto the side. Then, take the folded paper and fold it back on itself.

You'll want to keep doing this until half of the paper is folded. Then rest and roll it around the center. Then take the tip and put it at the end where you don't put the weed.

4. Start Rolling

When you have the weed packed in between both of the rollers, this is when you can actually start rolling. It might seem awkward at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it will feel.

You should put your thumbs a quarter of the way from the ends of the roll. Then, take your two index fingers from the end of the roll that is farthest away from you.

Once you have your hands in position, you want to move your fingers away from you and in the upwards direction. Your thumbs should come towards you in the downward position.

You'll want to move your fingers simultaneously and at the same rate so that the joint gets an even roll. If you only do one at a time, the paper will pull in a weird way, and the joint either won't work or will end up looking bad.

5. Put the Paper In

Now, you'll need to put the paper into the actual roller. If you have the tip and the weed, move it to the actual paper. You'll need to take your paper and put it in between the two rolls.

The sticky end of the paper should have glue on it. Make sure this side is sticking up. You'll then turn your roller a little bit until the glue is sticking out. In general, you'll only want a quarter of an inch of the glue paper sticking out.

The glue works like an envelope, so you'll have to lick it in order for it to stick to the other side. Lick it from both ends before you start rolling. When it's wet enough, it'll stick to the other side of the paper, so you'll have to roll it another half turn.

6. Finish Rolling

Once the adhesive is active, you can start rolling it another half turn so that the adhesive side sticks to the non-adhesive side. If your roller machine has handles, you can spin them towards yourself with your thumbs.

However, you should also do this at a constant speed so that your joint has consistency. Then, you can remove your joint from the roller! If you had any leftover weed that didn't fit into the joint, you can follow that exact process and make another one.

Discover More Tips on Using Rolling Machines

These are only a few tips on using rolling machines, but perfecting the art of the joint roll comes with practice. When in doubt, there are many other places that can teach you.

If you don't want to deal with rolling your own joint and would rather have an easier way to smoke marijuana, you might want to consider vape products.

Thankfully, we have all kinds of products that make it much easier, so check out our website today!