6 Types of Must-Have Vape Accessories for Your Store

6 Types of Must-Have Vape Accessories for Your Store

Aug 8th 2022

What if you turned down the opportunity to turn a one-time customer into a recurring customer?

For vape shops, recurring customers are vital to staying in business. In fact, for any given company, a whopping 80% of future profits come from just 20% of your existing customers.

How, though, can you keep customers coming back for more? It all comes down to keeping the right vape accessories in stock. Keep reading to discover the vape products that are "must-haves" for your store!

Why Vape Accessories Are So Important

Earlier, we covered how stocking the right vape accessories keeps customers coming back for more. To understand more of how that works, it's important to understand why vape accessories are so important to consumers and merchants.

For many who vape, the activity is as much of a hobby as it is a lifestyle. Someone who smokes cigarettes may just grab a pack and light up. But someone who vapes is concerned with finding the right pods, mods, batteries, chargers, and so much more.

Some of this is purely functional, of course. A vape won't last long without a battery or a good charge! But for real vape enthusiasts, these accessories also tell the world a bit about who they really are.

Long story short? Vape accessories keep customers coming back for very practical reasons, such as replacing batteries. But they also come back to see what new vape product you have and how that product will change both their experience and the way other people look at them.

With that in mind, let's take a closer look at the different vape products your store needs to stock.

1. Vape Batteries

These days, there are many different ways that people vape. You need to have accessories that work for everyone. And that means keeping replacement vape batteries in stock.

Such batteries aren't necessary for anyone hitting a vape pen or using a pod system. But other systems (like a mod e-cigarette) will need separate batteries to power the coil when the existing batteries die out.

Some batteries are better and more reliable than others. By stocking the best vape batteries, you can keep customers coming back regularly.

2. Vape Battery Chargers

Unlike traditional batteries, vape batteries are meant to be charged and re-used until they can't be used any longer. To keep your customers happy, it's important that you keep good vape battery chargers in stock.

Chargers are a great product because customers often want to have them in different parts of their homes. And when people travel, they want to have a battery that will help them when they're on the go.

And just by selling chargers, you encourage people to buy multiple batteries at a time. This allows users to charge multiple batteries at once, making things much more convenient.

3. Vape Coils

Chances are that many of your customers rely on e-cigarettes. In that case, it is very important that you keep a selection of vape coils on hand at all times.

Not everybody vapes at the same rate, of course. But it's not uncommon for someone to need new coils every two weeks. By keeping these coils on hand, you can keep customers coming back twice a month!

A key customer concern with coils is whether or not they are compatible with the devices they use. Therefore, it's important to sell the coils that correspond to the e-cigarettes that you sell.

4. Vape Pods

Some vapes rely on atomizers and vape tanks (more on those later). Other vapes, however, rely on pods. And such pod vapes are very popular with customers who want a smoother experience or who simply want a better nicotine absorption rate.

As usual, it is best to stock accessories that are suitable for all kinds of vape fans. If you sell vape products online or offline, make sure that you have a steady supply of vape pods to keep these loyal customers coming back for more.

5. Vape Mods

Earlier, we touched on the fact that some who vape view this as a hobby as much as it is a lifestyle. And these are usually the customers who love to buy vape mods and tinker with their devices as often as possible.

Think of these customers as the polar opposite of your vape pen customers. Someone using a pen is likely focused on simplicity and portability. Someone using a mod, however, is all about the complexity and customizability of their device.

You can always count on mod users coming back to try something new. Therefore, it's important to always have good mods on hand!

6. Vape Tanks

For those who use mods and e-cigarettes, the vape tank is very important. Without it, they wouldn't be able to make use of either the e-liquid or the coil for their device.

Like most vaping parts and accessories, it's possible for a tank to stop working as it should. The tank may also break, especially if it is made of glass.

By keeping vape tanks in stock, you can help veteran vapers who need a replacement. And you can also make sure beginning vapers have access to everything they need to get started.

7. Replacement Glass Attachments

As we noted before, any vape part or accessory made of glass is prone to break. That's why your shop needs to have replacements on hand for things like glass attachments.

For example, glass attachments are very popular for certain vaporizer brands. But as soon as that attachment breaks, the device can no longer be used as intended.

By selling glass attachments, you can save someone's day when their device is broken. And if they regularly use these glass attachments, you can count on them becoming regular customers in the coming months.

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