9 Must-Have Smoking Accessories for True Aficionados

Oct 12th 2022

9 Must-Have Smoking Accessories for True Aficionados

According to the CDC, 48.2 million Americans smoke marijuana.

If you're thinking about joining these people and smoking, you'll need some accessories first.

But if you're a beginner, it can be confusing to even know where to start. Keep reading to discover the ultimate list of smoking accessories you need to have.

1. Grinder

A grinder is one of the first weed-smoking accessories that you should invest in. It looks like a small canister that has serrated edges.

You can put your marijuana in there and twist it up to grind the flower. When you grind it up, you create a more common surface area that gives you a better high when it's burned.

If you're wondering how to get a higher high while you're smoking, you should add a grinder to your list of accessories for smoking.

2. Lighters

Lighters are another obvious choice because there will come a time when you need one, but it'll be difficult to find one.

You should always have a few of them in different locations that you think you might want to smoke in. They're more convenient than matchsticks and can really enhance the whole experience.

There are many different types of lighters, and they even make some of them that are small enough to wear.

3. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are also sometimes known as cigarettes, joints, or blank papers. They're made of a very thin type of paper that you can put your cannabis in and roll into a joint.

The sheets can be made out of different materials, like flax, wood pulp, rice straw, and hemp. You can then either use a rolling machine or roll these papers by hand to make your joint.

You can normally find them in small packs, and they also come in different sizes. You can choose between ones that are between 70 to 110 millimeters long. Some of them are even flavored with grape, pineapple, chocolate, or grape.

4. Water Pipe

A water pipe is an accessory that isn't totally necessary, but it will make your high feel better. The water pipes are made out of ceramic and thick glass, and you can find one that fits your lifestyle and tastes.

The water pipe will diffuse the smoke through the water, and it'll filter out the impurities in the marijuana which will make your high better. They also come with splash guards so that you won't have to worry about water leaking out of the pipe.

5. Rolling Machine

A rolling machine will make it much easier to use the rolling paper. While you can find pre-rolled joints, a rolling machine makes the whole process much easier.

It'll make sure that you have a consistent roll, and anyone can find this easy to use. Whether you've rolled them for the first time or have been rolling them for a while, you'll find that this is easy to use.

6. Ashtrays

Ashtrays are one of the most important accessories because without them, you'll have crumbs everywhere, and it could be a fire hazard.

There are many different ashtrays you can find, and you can even get some that will match your decor. These ashtrays are made out of material that is resistant to fire, like metal, stone, glass, or ceramic. You can find lightweight ones or heavier ones.

They even make portable ones now so that you can always have one on the go. However, if you only smoke occasionally, you'd be fine with any regular cheap one.

7. Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are great if you prefer to do that rather than rolling a joint. They are normally hand-made, but they're very durable and come in different shapes.

If you find the right ones, then you can also have an attractive piece of art in your house. However, make sure that you ensure your bong is food-safe and lead-free. If you get a silicone one, make sure that it's a high medical-level grade so that you don't inhale any of the toxic chemicals.

8. Roach Clips

Roach clips will help you step up your game, and they let you smoke every last part of your joint or blunt, and you won't have to worry about burning your fingers.

You'll have an odor-free and secure smoke session. It also makes it easier to pass the blunt around if you're smoking at a party. They also add a luxury feel to the smoking session.

There are even some roach clips that are extendable so that you can get the most length from your clips as possible.

9. Pre-Rolled Cones

A pre-rolled cone is great if you're a beginner at smoking cannabis. They may not be as strong as your custom-rolled joints, but they do take out some of the hassle or mess of rolling it yourself.

It's also very easy, because now with these cones all you need to do is fill it with the ground dry herb. You can then use the bamboo to pack the herb into the right tightness that you prefer with your blunts.

There are also many different types and materials of pre-rolled cones. You can order as many of them as possible and use them whenever you want.

Discover More Smoking Accessories You Need to Have

These are only a few smoking accessories you need to have in your smoking kit, but there are many more things that you'll want to stock up on.

Thankfully, you came to the right place because we have all of the accessories that you'll need.

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