How To Find a Reliable Supplier for Your Online Vape Store

Dec 29th 2022

How To Find a Reliable Supplier for Your Online Vape Store

Starting an online vape store can cost you over $25,000, but the right supplier can help you keep costs low.

Suppliers are some of the most important things to invest in when starting a business because they supply products. Without them, you cannot maximize profits, and it's harder to acquire products.

Here at Payless Distributors, we can help you find success in the vape industry. This guide outlines everything you need to know about suppliers.

Read on to learn how to find a reliable supplier for your vape store.

Understand Your Customers

Before you can find a reliable supplier for your vape store, you must have a solid understanding of your customers. You should know the range of products they want, how much they're willing to spend, and how often they use vape supplies.

If your vape shop is new, you may have a harder time fully understanding them; however, consider requesting feedback when customers purchase something. The more info you can get, the easier it'll be to determine which type of supplier you need.

Set a Budget

Aside from understanding your customers, you must also set a budget. Doing so will prevent you from spending too much on vape supplies, and it'll narrow down your options.

The cost of vape supplies varies, but you can expect to spend several thousand dollars to stock your shop. If you have a tight budget, ensure you buy several types of products, but keep a small inventory of each. You'll know which products to invest in more often after they start selling.

Choose Between Distributors and Manufacturers

After setting a budget, you can begin your search; however, you must choose between distributors and manufacturers. Each of them is a supplier, but the way they operate is different.

Manufacturers create vape supplies and sell them to distributors. Distributors then sell the products to other stores and users.

Manufacturers often sell directly to stores because it allows them to expand their network. You may get better deals when buying from them, but it'll be harder to find ones that want to partner with you.

Distributors are plentiful and may be more open to forming a partnership, but you'll spend more.

Whether you work with manufacturers or distributors, you'll need to find several to avoid relying on a single source. As you gain experience, you'll know which ones are the best for your vape store.

Check Several Websites

The best way to find a supplier is to check online. By typing simple keywords like "vape supplies wholesale," you'll find several sites with a wide range of products.

Before choosing a supplier, go through various websites to learn about the things they offer and their rates. You should then create a list of suppliers that interest you to reference later. While a supplier may look appealing at first, you must do a few other things before deciding whether they're right for you.

Read Reviews

Never start working with a supplier until you read reviews about their services. When buying anything, reviews will help you learn more about product quality and how suppliers treat their customers.

You can use a variety of Yelp alternatives to read about other businesses' experiences with a supplier. Read the reviews of all the suppliers that interest you, then remove the ones that don't meet your standards.

Keep in mind that some suppliers can have red flags despite excelling in certain areas. For example, a supplier can have poor customer service despite providing reliable products. This is why you must read through various reviews before choosing one.

Request Product Samples

Another thing that'll help you choose a supplier is requesting product samples. This is especially important when buying products in bulk because knowing the quality will help you save money.

If a supplier is unwilling to provide samples, it may be best to look elsewhere. Those that want to form strong relationships with businesses are willing to provide samples if it means earning trust.

When receiving samples, you'll likely receive 1 product instead of a pack. For example, if you want a sample of disposable vapes, a supplier may send an individual unit instead of a case.

As you build relationships with suppliers, they may be more willing to send more samples of new products.

Consider Sourcing Internationally

The last thing to do when finding a supplier is to consider sourcing internationally.

International suppliers often charge less than local suppliers, but it takes longer to receive products. If you can afford to wait, this may be a good option for your business. Not only will you save money, but you may have an easier time reaching new markets.

You can find international suppliers using the same methods as local ones. Search online, browse their products, and read reviews.

If you have questions about things like shipping, ask them. If it takes too long to receive the products, look for a supplier in a different country.

Grow Your Online Vape Store Today

After reading this article, you now know how simple it is to find suppliers for your online vape store.

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