The Best Flavors in Disposable Vapes in 2022

The Best Flavors in Disposable Vapes in 2022

Sep 7th 2022

What if you had so many choices that you couldn't make a decision?

This is the dilemma that many vape lovers face every day. The best thing about disposable vapes is that you have so many flavors to choose from. But how can you know which vape flavors are worth your time and which you should skip?

This is where we come in. To help with your vaping, we put together a guide to the best vape flavors in 2022. Keep reading to get a little "taste" of your future!

Blue Razz

Do you like both raspberries and blueberries? In that case, you need to check out Blue Razz.

Blue Razz remains one of the most popular disposable vapes for a reason. By combining blueberry and raspberry flavors, you get a classic case of "two great tastes that taste great together."

If you want a little variety in your e-cigarettes, you can also check out variant flavors such as Blue Razz Ice and Blue Razz Lemonade. These offer new twists to the sweet vape juice you've come to know and love.

Banana Ice

Banana Ice is another great combination flavor. In this case, the vape combines the yummy taste of banana with the cool and refreshing flavor of icy mint.

On paper, banana and mint may not taste like the kind of vape flavors you would normally mix. However, they actually form a perfect team. The banana taste is great as you breathe in, and the coolness of the icy mint is very refreshing as you breathe out.

If nothing else, Banana Ice is a great way to change things up if you enjoy the flavor of banana vapes. Just be warned: there may be no going back once you get a taste of this flavor!

Cool Mint

In many ways, cool mint helps showcase the variety of choices you have when vaping. For example, many of the different flavors (like fruity vape flavors and beyond) help to separate vapes from traditional cigarettes. But flavors like cool mint are perfect for current or former cigarette smokers who enjoy the taste of menthols (a taste so good The Man keeps trying to take it away).

By itself, the Cool Mint flavor is just a refreshing icy blast. It's a great way to wake up and unwind.

And as we have already detailed, the mint flavor works well with almost anything else. So you can experiment with different flavors until you find the perfect combination of sweetness and mint.

Strawberry Cream

Some of the best vape flavors of 2022 are, relatively speaking, "new kids on the block." However, Strawberry Cream is a popular flavor that has been going strong for the better part of a decade.

What helps Strawberry Cream stand the test of time? This is a case of vape manufacturers wisely deciding they don't have to reinvent the wheel. The mixture of strawberries and cream tastes just as good in vape form as it does in a smoothie or other dessert.

While there's no wrong way to enjoy a vape, we love to kick back with one of these after dinner. Best of all? No calories to worry about!

Peach Mango Watermelon

Most vape flavor combinations settle for combining two different flavors. However, Peach Mango Watermelon is an ambitious pairing of three awesome flavors.

Fortunately, this flavor combination is amazing. That's because this particular trio of flavors offers the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

It can be difficult to get that balance right, and we love this vape flavor for doing it. And this one is also a great choice if you love vaping but only have a bit of a sweet tooth because you won't get overwhelmed by the sweeter flavors.


Believe it or not, Grape may be a controversial addition to this list. From fruits to soda to vapes, grape provides a flavor that some people adore and others can hardly stand.

However, we're firmly in the "love it" category for this vape flavor. That may be because we are grape soda lovers, and these vapes often taste more like the soda than the fruit itself.

Depending on how you feel about grape soda, this might be a very good thing. Here's your chance to get a taste of that refreshing grape soda taste without endangering your teeth with real sugary soda.

Strawberry Banana

One of the weirder things about vape flavors is that they owe a lot to smoothies. Long before e-cigarettes were even an idea, smoothie makers were experimenting with flavor combinations that would drive their customers wild.

Over the years, one of the most consistently popular flavors has been Strawberry Banana. It makes for a great vape flavor because, as with the smoothie, you get the ripe taste of a banana combined with the sweet taste of a strawberry.

Neither flavor overwhelms the other. In fact, each flavor helps the other stand out in the best possible way. No time like the present if you want to discover the flavor everyone has been raving about for years!

Mixed Berries

Not all flavor combinations need to be contrasting, of course. For example, take the taste of berries. Many people like to eat different mixtures of berries because they are sweet in different ways and provide a real medley of flavors.

And that's exactly what you get with the Mixed Berries vape flavor. Each hit provides the refreshing zest of biting into mixed berries.

Just as berries make for a great snack any time of the day, this flavor provides for a refreshing hit whenever your day needs a tasty little pick-me-up.

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